Kamatama Udon

This is a short recipe for something quick, healthy, delicious and incredibly flexible in terms of ingredients. The only thing you absolutely need…is to get over your fear of raw eggs.

Kamatama Udon is a warm [not hot] noodle dish which uses a raw egg as it’s sauce in combination with a drizzle of something called dashijoyu, soy sauce and dashi broth. Think of this as a Japanese version of a Italian carbonara, which is literally pasta with a raw egg sauce. Once the noodles are prepared, you put the egg in and top with green onions. You can also add other vegetables- raw, pickled or cooked- as I have done here. In the photos, I added blanched soybean sprouts, kimchi and raw cucumber. I use plain light soy sauce without the dashi broth bc I prefer a richer flavor and I also only use the egg yolk and leave it solid on top to break just before I eat. This is my preference bc , for me, eating raw eggs is a sacred experience best savoured and fully observed. Lol, oh me…

So this recipe is by no means traditional or authentic, but it is tried and true. It’s also a no brainer and a sure win. God I love it so much.

Kamatama Udon

Serves 1

1 serving of Udon noodles, dry or fresh. You could also use any long noodle but udon is best bc of the chewiness.

1 egg yolk, save the white for something else or your dog (like we do!) 🐕

A small receptical with Light Soy Sauce for drizzling. Or just the bottle 😁

An array of small portions of Vegetables such as kimchi, blanched spinach, mung bean sprouts etc. Just about anything that is fresh tasting, crunchy and is easy to prepare a head of time and keep in the fridge for later (for convenience)

The greens of 1 Green Onion, chopped finely.

A bowl, chopsticks (or fork) and your gob(mouth).

Notes on the egg: Because it’s raw, you must be sure the egg is the freshest you can get. A trick to make sure the egg is fresh is to submerse it in a glass or bowl of water, if the egg stays at the bottom, it is fresh. If it rises significantly or floats, it’s not fresh enough to eat raw.

Have all of your veggies, egg yolk and soy sauce at the ready.

Cook your udon and drain thoroughly.

Immediately place the udon into the bowl while they are still hot.

Place your veggies in little mounds around the edge of the noodles, place the egg yolk on top, drizzle with a tiny bit of soy sauce (you will keep adding as you eat) and sprinkle the green onions on top. Just before you eat, break the yolk, watch it dance down into the noodles and enjoy! Feel free to mix it all up before digging in or mix in together bit by bit as you eat. It’s all up to you.

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