Custardy Omelette with Katsuobushi and Green Onions

Because Chris and I are mostly vegetarian, we eat A LOT of eggs. Thank god for the chickens, even though they are currently resetting their pecking order and everyone has had a turn. Therefore everyone is getting pecked and therefore every one has had a slight decrease in eggs due to stress. Ugh. So when we are on an egg shortage, I stretch them out a bit using this method.

When making an omelette , I add about 2T of water to 3 whisked eggs, a separate mixture of 1t cornstarch to 1T water mixed together and salt and pepper to taste.

I heat the 2-3T of canola oil in a pan REALLY high until it starts to smoke, whisk the eggs one more time so the cornstarch is blended, then pour the eggs in slowly, swirling the pan so they dont stick to the bottom. As I swirl, I lift the edges of the omelette and tilt the pan so the uncooked eggs in the center go under the omelette, slowing down the browning process. It is on high heat after all. I do this about 3 times around the circumference of the omelette. Until the egg can no longer slide from the center. By then the center of the omelette is barely set, I turn the heat off and cover for about 30 seconds to 1 minute to let it steam slightly. When uncovered, the center of the omelette should be just set but still custardy.

The whole process takes only a few minutes. The extra liquid helps keep the egg moist and stretch out the quantity. As does the really hot oil, which also helps to puff up the egg. It’s really fun to watch the egg puff and expand in the oil. The corn starch helps to keep it fluffy and slightly doughy like a pancake batter. To me the perfect texture. I top it off with katsuobushi just like with Okonomiyaki, green onions, a drizzle of sesame oil and serve with a bit of HP sauce.

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