Hi everyone! This is Adrian Chang, creator of My Kitsune Cafe.

My Kitsune Cafe is a food journal of sorts. Like a travelogue, but for food. Asian dishes & recipes from a queer 3rd- gen Asian-American (that’s me!) living off-grid in a redwood forest in Northern California with his English husband and two rescued street dogs from Sri Lanka (that’s a mouthful!). I call my style Asian-American Country Cooking: honoring the ancestors my way through slow-living, slow-food, sourcing locally & DIY-ing as much as possible. Here I will do my best to share my recipes as well as my family’s as they have evolved over generations across the seas. I’ll pass on the tips I’ve learned from the incredibly talented cooks I’ve met during 10 years of living across Asia, from Japan to Sri Lanka. I’ll share easy and no-fuss methods on how to make your own kimchi from scratch, how to ferment tofu to make vegan cheese, the proper way to make rice without a rice cooker, or how to make your own soy milk and tofu. My style of cooking is a reflection of my life, the place I live and the community that surrounds me. I hope you enjoy sharing it all with me!

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