Kamatama Udon

This is a short recipe for something quick, healthy, delicious and incredibly flexible in terms of ingredients. The only thing you absolutely need…is to get over your fear of raw eggs. Kamatama Udon is a warm [not hot] noodle dish which uses a raw egg as it’s sauce in combination with a drizzle of somethingContinue reading “Kamatama Udon”

Easy Southeast Asian Inspired Curry Noodles

I wish I could have given this a more creative name but my work has been so busy recently, my mind just hasn’t had the space! The night we made this dish, we originally wanted to make Laksa but we didn’t have the energy to make a rempa (chili paste) and Chris wanted to saveContinue reading “Easy Southeast Asian Inspired Curry Noodles”

Simmered Daikon with Shitake Mushrooms

3/31/20 NOTE: If you are using WINTER MELON from Radical Family Farms March 2020 produce box instead of daikon, I add instructions at the end on how to prepare the melon and the cooking time. No pics yet though sorry! In our house this dish is just called “daikon” because it is our absolute favoriteContinue reading “Simmered Daikon with Shitake Mushrooms”

Stir Fried “Dou Miao” Pea Shoots in Gravy

Some dear friends of mine have a farm 20 minutes drive from us in Sebastopol which focuses on growing Asian heritage vegetables. When Radical Family Farms were just getting started, the first vegetable they ever sold was Pea Shoots or “Dou Miao” as they’re called in Chinese. I remember randomly coming across one of theirContinue reading “Stir Fried “Dou Miao” Pea Shoots in Gravy”

Hakusai no Tsukemono & Kimchi

Salt Pickled Napa Cabbage 2-ways It’s not quite an apocalypse, but in times like this, it’s good to know how to make things last. Napa Cabbage is prolific (for now) and you can make it last for up to 6 months or even a year depending on who you talk to! In this post, I’veContinue reading “Hakusai no Tsukemono & Kimchi”