Tuna-Caper Linguine

You have just returned home from work, and it is now six o’clock. You’re feeling hungry. After pouring yourself a glass of white wine, you look through the pantry in your home. You discover a few of jars of tuna that you have left over from the tuna salad craze that you were on a few weeks ago, along with some pasta, a solitary shallot, and capers (always keep a jar on hand). The white wine that you are holding in your hands causes you to think, “There is the potential for some magic here.”

Mostly due to the fact that it is almost exactly the same as pasta aglio e olio, but with tuna, this pasta has a pasta aglio e olio vibe. For the purpose of enhancing the flavor of the tuna, the recipe calls for cooking garlic in oil, utilizing the oil that is already in the tuna jar, and adding white wine. After that, coat the pasta by tossing it in the combination of the delicious oil and the starchy pasta water. By contributing essential acidity and, as a result, a sense of equilibrium, capers and white wine help to reduce the richness of the oil.

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