Zodiac Signs Who Make Great Mom

Pisces moms teach their kids to appreciate the arts and be creative.


Aries moms organize music classes, sports, hobbies, social events, and camps for their kids. Aries mom has a packed schedule.


Gemini moms have "the talk" early on and can talk about anything. Gemini moms don't hide anything from their kids.


To the death, Capricorn mothers defend their children. Capricorns are loyal and will defend them.


Taurus moms are incredibly patient — so much so that they sometimes come off as saintly. But make no mistake, Taurus moms are very real and down to earth.


Libras' tranquility and balance make them good mothers. They promote family unity, and when siblings fight, she can see their perspectives and assist them find common ground.


A Cancer mom is protective and nurturing. In fact, kids with a Cancer mom know that they're truly loved and cared for. 


Sagittarius moms have huge hearts and want to share the world with their kids.


The Virgo parent will want to fix anything broken, from a toy to a heart. She loves her children even when they disappoint her despite her high expectations and criticism.


Scorpio mothers have frighteningly good intuition and often know what their children are up to before they do. Scorpio moms value loyalty, honesty, and protection, so long as their kids are honest and helpful.


Aquarian mothers value individuality and nonconformity. Her kids will take outside classes even if they homeschool. She'll teach her kids about global warming and helping others.


Leo mothers are the most childlike. She loves interacting with her kids and offering nice presents. She can be selfish and put her own needs before her children's.


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